Sym Roe

About me

I work in the space where governments and the internet meet.

My most recent project is Democracy Club. I set this up in 2014 in order to make local government better at delivering information about elections.

It is now regarded as a leading organisation in the UK Democracy space. We are trusted to deliver electoral information by GOV.UK, The Electoral Commission, Welsh Government many media outlets including Facebook and The Times. Most importantly, we have a good working relationship with the UK's electoral administration community.

Democracy Club was once described as "an invaluable service for citizens" by a government minister.

Previously I worked in central government at MoJ, DWP and GDS.

Before that I spent my time between NGOs, startups and charities, mostly working on data, transparency and accessible websites.

One of the startups was ScraperWiki where I worked on the design and implementation of the initially launched version.

Another notable project I worked on was, a project that:

played a key role in demonstrating the value of data-driven public finance journalism